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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love the seeing of new places, things, events.  We traveled down to a national dog final event over the weekend.  Silly us we thought we would be without dogs so we took swim suits, camera, things like that.  Alas a pup ended up not liking the new owners so we had a pup all weekend.  Now the pup is a good gal that was not the problem.  She road well, no messes in the crate, no real barking to speak of, but it was when we left the hotel room we needed to have her with us and if we went anywhere we needed to keep her in the shade or our arms. 

We road down Friday, nice drive, along some routes I had not been on in years.  I had an enjoyable time traveling.  Then Friday night the drop off the pups night went well with one family and not so well with the other.  You know things can get ugly if people get money between friendships.   This caused some ugly.  Must say I thought we did well.  This gal wanted the pup prodded, hassled, and maneuvered us into saving this one pup for her two weeks longer than the other people who wanted pup picked up their pups.  One thing after another kept our auto in the shop.  We were without wheels time and time again.  Much of what we had planned did not get done in a timely manner.  This was a pits for me as I had wanted shots, etc done way before we left.  We had even lost the toe nail clippers so there was on more grump they buyers had, sharp nails.  Then for her to back out not a happy camper I was for a while. 

It has been along time sense we have had a weekend with just one dog.  I now recall how and why I wanted to raise these dogs.  Smart, loving, humorous, playfulness and that is just me towards these dogs.  OAM goes gaga over the pups.  OAM the reason he is so loved comes out when he is with pups.    Gentle, loving, kid-like behavior of a OAM is nice to see.  His stress decreased.  The little girl pup is now back home with us.  We will make the call on what to do with her leaning towards putting her back on the market, but jeez it would be nice to have room to keep her alas for me to be selfish is not fair to the new owner let that person enjoy the forthcoming puppy breath. 

Travel home was going to be filled with pictures but the camera went dead.  Bummer to the max as the birds were in the fall migration for some.  White swans, terns, and a few ocean birds were seen also. 

The trip back found OAM, dear daughter, and myself sitting around the table sharing things that had happened over the weekend.  I think this may have been the best time of the weekend.  Family, sharing time, laughter, happiness, gladness were felt by all.  It was good.  Take care now, see you next time, Ol Mossback.